The Italian Dream. Foto di di © Giuseppe Bellavia

The new book on the tales of Italian wine by Gelasio Gaetani e Aline Coquelle

Italy: the land of dreams
by Giuseppe Bellavia
Translation: Clio Morichini
leggi in [ita]

Italy is a dream for many, marked by unusual sensations that sometimes awaken dormant instincts.Aline Coquelle. Foto di © Aline CoquelleProbably only the eyes not used and familiar with the multitude of contrasts that characterise the boot, can grasp its essence. The xenos (foreigners) are therefore well disposed to the effects of the sensual and enveloping Italian dream.
 The lucid dream components in question are simple and primordial: sounds, fragrances, flavours matured over time in an ancient garden of passions. Of course, as with all inner paths, knowable aspects are divided into exoteric and esoteric, and to quickly reach the latter, it is necessary a guide, whose able to indicate the stops which allow passengers to reach the longed for destinations.

Better yet if the guides are two, with different specialties masterfully married. Specifically, the "visual" guide offers perspectives that eyes who aren’t used to beauty and movement (even if static) would not be able to internalize. Every story and every trip often have a key that combines the stages. In the present case, the wine for Gelasio Gaetani Lovatelli and Aline Coquelle becomes a great motive to start driving.
Sipping a glass of Chianti in Pienza looking over the Val d'Orcia is equivalent to half a day of meditation as contentment to the soul (with a little 'poetry). The two authors have therefore synthesized the philosophy of Italian wine and the history of the architects in an elegant book published by Assouline ( entitled "The Italian Dream" and available from November, narrating the boot through ancient families that feed the Dream.Diario di Viaggio. Foto di © Aline Coquelle
Him: wine producer, consultant, teacher  and emblem of the Italian wine world, Gelasio Gaeatani is internationally considered an authority on the subject.
Her: Parisian photographer who graduated in anthropology, she has swept the globe, portraying the stories which fascinated her strictly through an analog camera, to the cry of "saving tradition is the new revolution".
The book resembles a travel journal where handwritten notes and images refer to specific moments that the authors have shared almost intimately with the reader, opening the doors of aristocratic palaces and family scenes never devoid of authenticity. Of course The Italian Dream serves as unparalleled travel companion of tastings, through the most representative producers of the history of Italian wine, selected by Gelasio Gaetani Lovatelli.
The photographs capture lives, views, and of course the cellars of ancient noble families, almost contrasting heraldry austerity with the simplicity of a product which comes from the earth, like wine. It seems that the analog photographic language used by the French photographer, now almost obsolete, is a homage to the historical heritage and tradition preserved by portrayed families, secularly linked to the land.
The light of the images subverts the canons of sharpness we are accustomed to and the human portraits and very recent architectural works (as Bargino in Chianti) seem to hint to a recent but nostalgic past. It almost seems a pursuit of gestures and contexts that survive in the habit of all but few.
An itinerary that shows the beauty and soul while promoting and dignifying farming as a source of products of pleasure and conviviality. The latter is well represented and photographed in the images of the long tables, outdoors, which transmit family values which are often referred to in the collective image of Italy.
The title Wine, Heritage, Soul fully describes the spirit of the book that mixes feelings to interesting information about the wines which have become emblematic worldwide (from Veneto to the cypresses of Bolgheri, the islands of Sicily to Campania). The "dream" recounts a three-year journey marked by brimming wine glasses, which seem to emerge from the scents described by Gelasio Gaetani Lovatelli that bring back to mind the moments filled with ancient taste, portrayed in the photographs by Aline Coquelle.


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