Awake! We need statesman and values and we get selfish politicians and cinism

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A total indifference has accompanied the number of refugees injured by the Macedonian police in the lager of Idomeni, where more than 12.000 people…

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leggi in [ita]

A total indifference has accompanied the number of refugees injured by the Macedonian police in the lager of Idomeni, where more than 12.000 people (4.000 Children) are trapped, since Austria has asked Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, to close the passage of refugees. Austria has now informed the Italian government that it will dislocate several hundred troops to the boarder with Italy, to seal also that route. The totally illegal agreement with Turkey, that Merkel did pushed  to defuse its growing unpopularity in Germany, is  conducted in a way that has obliged the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and Doctors without Borders, to refuse to participate in a  brutal operation that violates the Chart of the UN and the European Treaty (with a bribe of 6 billion dollars to the autocratic Turkish government).
The gassing and shooting with rubber bullets of Idomeni, of course, is enjoyed by the right wing growing parties of Europe, but also from ISIS, whose call for the dignity and freedom of the Arab world gets a sad justification, and supports its strategy of creating a war of religions.
What everybody has forgotten is that the Austrian police made a survey of the refuges, and found out that they had a better level of education than the Austrian population. Now the group of experts and academicians who monitors migration has published a study (Unpacking a Rapidly Changing Scenario,), which proves the obvious. The million people , who risked their life to come to Europe in 2015, are in large measure middle class,  uprooted by the conflicts (created by Europe and US). Two thirds have college or university education, and those with university degree are one third of all refugees. And two thirds had a stable job before leaving their country.
Merkel did originally accept the refugees because Germany is in a dire need of workers. She did not anticipated that the right wing parties could use so effectively the present climate of incertitude and frustrations of a large part of Europeans. Her reaction was similar to all the European leaders: take away the flag of those parties, by using the same rhetoric.  Now in Germany there are 2.000 racial incidents per month, and AFD, the new right wing party, looks poised to become the third German party.
No statesman is available.  A statesman who would risk votes, to educate electors to unpopular truths. like the simple fact that Europe is not viable without a large immigration. Statistics are clear and available. This large tide of refugee (the largest since World War two), has an average age of 23, years, half of the European: and 82% has less than 34 years, and two third have high level of education. The European Commission, in 2015, did make a projection on the growing old age of its population. There will be an uninterrupted decline of jobs between 2010 and 2060. The population in working age (20-64) is declining since 2010, and in 2060 will be 50 millions less, from 310 millions in 2010, to 260 millions in 2060, with a probable bankruptcy of the pension system.  The total employment  (20-64) will shrink from 210 millions in 2010, to 200 millions in 2060: who is going to replace those 10 million jobs, to keep Europe at its present stage of global competition (far from ideal).  Who is going to pay the contributions for those retired?
This lack of jobs and the probable bankruptcy of the pension’s systems will happen in a very different population, considerably older. While we need 2.1 children per couple, to keep population stable,  it will go down to 1.22. The average maternity age, now at 31.7 years, will go up to 33 years in 2064, and the number of woman in childbearing age (between 15 and 49 years) will be reduced by 4.3 millions. Finally, life expectation which is today at 80 years for men and 85.7 for woman, will be in 2064 of 91 years for man and 94.3 years for woman. It is estimated that people over 100 years, will be about 10% of the population.
It would be advisable for the reader to go again over those figures provided last year by the European Commission, so to grasp what they means: that the world we know today, will not exist any longer. We are discussing if the retirement age should be 65 years, when those born today have a life expectation of 82 years… and according to the International Labour Organization (ILO), those who are now between 18 and 25 years will go into retirement with an average pension of 630 euro per month, because many will have for long time precarious jobs, will not be able to pay contributions, and even less to buy a house… An other report from ILO finds out that today parents and grandparents offer a safety social net that alleviates the pains of unemployment. But that generation, with its decent pension will be gone in three decades, and those who will be parents will not able to help in the same way their sons… It means that we will live in a world of old people, where fewer young people will have a much harsher destiny…
But today nobody speaks about that future. On the contrary, we listen to the xenophobes and right wing parties, which in every European country keep growing in every election, because they ride frustration and fear. What they do is to call to a return to a better yesterday, for a pure Europe, where others will be deported so to leave jobs for European… and politicians in power, play their game, instead of discussing a serious policy of immigration. The difference between the past European Statesman, the Adenauer, the De Gasperi, the Schuman, able to have a vision and communicate it to their citizens (like abandoning nationalism for a European dream), are dramatically absent today. The Dutch referendum against Ukraine (an unexpected gift for Putin, who beside being a smart player is also a lucky one), will hasten the decay of Europe. The scandals of the massive participation of political leaders to the secrets funds of Panama, will also hasten the decline of legitimacy of the political class, and therefore of democracy. The American elections are going in that direction. That Cruz, who is a modern incarnation of the Great Inquisitor Torquemada, an ISIS dream, has become the solution to Trump.  And in a campaign that will cost over 4 billion dollars, few contributors will basically cover the costs. The Koch brothers, the king of coal, have announced an investment of 900 million dollars…
If a republican wins, we can forget any real attempt to control the climate change, which is already forgotten, in spite of the alarming evidences of the incoming disaster…
In a normal world, a statesman would attempt to motivate young people, to look into their future. He would create new alliances, transcend old politics, which look to the past, and attempt to shape a debate about the future. The tragedy of Idomini is not only a crime against humankind and the values of justice and solidarity: it’s a crime of stupidity and cinism… a crime committed against the young Europeans, who are not aware of their future world, And Federico Mayor is right, when he says that the European Central Bank has no problem to add 20 billion dollars per month to the already 60 billions going to the financial system, showing clearly where priorities are… the generational betrayal is going ahead, in the general indifference.  Only history will speak of the Merkel, the Hollande, the Cameron, the Rajoy, the Renzi, the Rutte, as those who looked to politics as a crutch for their survival instead of a tool for a better world…but it will be too late…

* Roberto Savio, founder and president emeritus of the Inter Press Service (IPS) news agency and publisher of Other News.

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