Experts call for climate action

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Experts meeting at the European Space Agency, photo by Massimo Predieri.
For the second time the Fondazione Italiani has invited a group of international and Italian experts, scientists and advisors, to discuss the climate change and propose solutions.

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leggi in [ita]

During the three days of the RomeSymposium on Climate Change, different viewpoints were addressed to better define the problem and its solutions: the scientific, moral, economic, development and security case. At the end of the presentations, the in-depth analysis and the discussions, the international expert group led by Scientific Director Martin Lees launched the following call for action to all people of good will:

We call for a worldwide coalition of enlightened leaders in governments, corporations, religions, financial institutions, scientists and educators to press for emergency climate action, recognizing that a stable climate is a precondition for human well-being, stability and peace. They should focus on realising the immense co-benefits of climate action in creating good jobs, and enhancing security, dignity and fairness.  They must give concrete substance to the Paris Agreement, and the Marrakech COP22 Proclamation and Partnership statements.

• We call on political leaders to face their responsibility for the security, health and wellbeing of citizens by urgently implementing deeper carbon emission cuts to contain the rise in global average temperature to well below 20C above pre-industrial levels and to take all possible steps to limit the increase to 1.50C. They must act with solidarity, increasing the ability of all peoples to adapt to the impact of climate change and moving towards a new model of sustainable development in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.

• We call on faith leaders, artists, teachers, opinion makers and the media to play their role in honestly discussing the climate change threats and solutions and informing people and explaining ways forward.

• We call on the leaders of corporations, investment funds, financial institutions, regulators, cities and regions, to fulfil their fiduciary responsibilities to properly understand, assess and manage climate risk and opportunity, using their skills and capabilities to create the emergency transition to a low-carbon, resource efficient and equitable world.

• We call on each individual citizen to do their part in addressing climate change, with lifestyle changes where necessary.

The intent is to ensure that the Paris Agreement objectives are met in the shortest possible time in accordance with sound scientific, technological, economic and social advice, rather than being negated by “political realism” and short-term considerations as has happened so often in the past. This challenge is far greater than the interests of any individual nation state, special interests or organisation. We call on all people of goodwill to come together to press for action. Only through cooperation can this generation play its role in history. The global community and commons must now take priority.
The complete text of the call can be downloaded here.

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