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Italy’s President Mattarella forced to a diplomatic action in the crisis caused by the verbal incontinence of Salvini and Di Maio.

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Last week, listening to the words of o two Italian proconsuls, I thought they were preparing a two-handed handbook for the next European election: “How to pass the wrong side while being right”. Then they remind me of their lack of familiarity with the pen and their love for social media, and I felt they were more incontinent than uncontainable. And unfortunately they do not always make center. So much so that they have bent us over in international public without being able to explain the reasons for that well-founded dissent that Italy has developed towards Europe in general, France today particular, and Germany yesterday.

The Italians felt that their country has been done victim, it would seem premeditated, by the European “co-founders”; it seemed that these had made their own facts behind his back, especially in banking matters, in spite of Italians; that they have imposed rigid rules on the banking system only after having covered the bankruptcies and put their banks in safety, leaving the banks of the other countries with less serious problems in their pockets; Italians thought that they considered themselves more stupid that inferior. The Italians thoughtthat they did not have the right and that they had reckoned without the landlord. The negative fallout occurred in all sectors. The question has raised the problem of immigration.

In reality it became clear that this was only the effect of much more serious choices from which our partners had profited in previous years, to serious detriment not only Italian. A detriment that is difficult to recover. Whose faults are atavistic and as always they concern finance and the market. They start from the era of colonialism and continue with the still current exploitation of the same places when this seemed apparently finished. A colonialism actually continued in fact with the complicity of lousy local representatives, complacent to them.

Interference in this context of other countries, such as Italy, has caused the fall of established regimes over the past few decades, supported by our partners; and the recovery by the original colonizers of the lost territories, in defense of their business. This was followed by a painful disrepair that is under the eyes of all and which has made most of those places unliveable. Wars, destructions, dictatorships, persecutions, famines, plus severe progressive climate change.

To a large part of those populations there is nothing left but to try to flee elsewhere, at the risk of their own lives and that of their loved ones. In this context, the Italians, who had been strongly and forcibly involved in the so-called peacekeeping operations, seemed to have been instrumentally modified the ways of emigration. From the historical and easier ones, such as Spain, Greece, the East, an escape route to and through Italy has been favored. The naval aid also offered for control soon proved to be subservient to such a project; so much so that Italy has felt the need to safeguard (or do without it) from the false aid of “consoci” (see what happened last with the withdrawal of the Dutch fleet).

Foreign NGOs, by means really lacking legal requisites, even if pushed by the best and until proven otherwise, have become unconscious instruments of those projects. The criminals traffickers of men were well protected and did the rest. It appeared that there was an occult interest in such a situation stabilizing and consolidating. This one by one. On the other hand, the euphemistically defined developing countries were left in the precarious conditions in which they were, worsening them; forcing a population afflicted by hunger, injustice and an uncontrollable increase in population to emigrate.

To this corresponded that the colonists or former ones continued to exploit the territory, the resources and that part of the poor people who could not even escape.A problem that is destined to increase, to explode, until in those countries there will be no real development. Not just economic, but above all cultural, civil, social and democratic. Yet this does not seem to be the interest of the members of the European Union, solidarity in the management of the euro and the market, but competitors in all other sectors; ergo, partner only partially, or better where they are convenient.

Last week the problem exploded due to the words of a Di Maio and a Salvini who with their usual malo way exposed a small part of the information received from their advisers.Our poor Premier, never elected and who is showing goodwill and more capacity than expected, has courageously presented himself in Brussels and has made the best of a bad game; he said that the parliamentarians of the other countries who had accused him of being a puppet – all expiring and hardly confirmed – that the puppet was not him, but rather those among them who were carriers, or servants, of unhealthy interests.

Perhaps it has sin of elegance and expressed itself in an incomplete way. He did not report that all those present in that room are none other than poor actors, all of them, those of a level, some less; all interpreters of the script that has been given to them and that recite badly; all part of a great tragedy that inexorably awaits us for the refusal to face reality. The age of creative, inflated finance, of the unconditional exploitation of unconscious investors, is over. We must take note of it not only because it is right, ethical and correct, but because it is necessary and convenient.The only resource that can allow us to resume the situation in hand is that of widespread finance, or as Roberto Savio wrote on the same sheet the other day, of a wealth not concentrated in a few hands, better redistributed, which circulates the economy. And development. And not to talk, but in reality, especially in those countries that need it most.

Before concluding I find it correct and Macron’s invitation to Mattarella comforts me. I find his acceptance a little too quick; even if I understand besides the desire to save the salvable, the urgency of reconciliation. The label, not to mention dignity, after the offense, would have required a courteous pause before the enthusiastic acceptance.

Finally, I remind France, Germany, and our European partners to pay attention to America, Russia, China, Africa, etc. of which Italy is a good friend and largely sincerely linked, and can therefore be a good mediator.

In other words, even I say to all of them – less than to Mattarella whom I would never allow myself to say anything and to whom I am devoted both for his role and for his wise work, as well as for his past – except for him I would say: do serious people, if not because you like, because it suits you.

P.S. two things: one serious, the other pleasant.

– problems or problems, we have no right to ignore the deaths of the tragedy of refugees of any kind, politics, war, hunger or climate; our responsibility is historical; and it is analogous to that of the many citizens who, although disgusted, have their eyes on the other side in the face of deportations and holocausts, sinkholes, and any massacre.

– our beloved cousins ​​from beyond the Alps may, in addition to their disdain, recognize the sincere sentiment of affection recognized to them by us Italians, who, despite having them as relatives, have always hosted their diplomatic offices, from Palazzo Farnese to Via Venti September, almost free.

One old typical actor, Alberto Sordi, friendly known as Albertone, would have told everyone in roman slang, Macron, Di Maio and Salvini including: … e state boni! (in other words … be quite!)

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